Mobility Scooters
Reviews & Testimonials

Independent Living Help understands that there's no replacement for experience! Check out the mobility scooter reviews and testimonials below and find out how so many people have enjoyed using their new equipment. Want to bring a mobility scooter into your life? Read all about the mobility scooters recommended by us to get started.

Gloria Woodard

My Pursuit scooter gives me freedom. Sometimes, I just ride around and enjoy the beauty of the sky and earth.

Doug Jones

With my Maxima scooter, I can go to a store like Lowe's and spend an hour looking at everything. Trips to the grocery store became fun again.

Claire Szabo-Cassella

I still get outdoors for long periods of time, feeling secure in my independence on my Pursuit scooter.

Eugene Gustinucci

I really like my scooter. It handles well, the turning radius is great, and it makes it easy for me to get around. My vehicle lift also works beautifully. It's so much easier for me to load my scooter into my truck and I can do it by myself. Both products give me a lot more mobility.

Stephanie W.

I am so thankful to have my scooter because I'm sure I would have missed those fun times trick-or-treating.

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