If you are looking to support your independence as you get older, you may wish to consider a stairlift in your home. Independent Living Help can advise you on why this equipment is a must-buy for anyone looking to retain their independence.

Instead of inconveniencing yourself with living solely downstairs, or giving up the home you love to move to a new property, a stairlift can provide a practical and cost-effective measure to help you stay in the home that means so much to you, while letting you get on with your chosen lifestyle.

It is natural for people to lose strength and flexibility with age. If you suffer from limited mobility and find walking up and down stairs tiring and painful, a stairlift is a must. Those who have had a hip replacement will also see and feel the benefit of a stairlift, as well as people with conditions like arthritis or heart problems.

Does a stairlift sound like the solution for you? If so, check out our recommended stairlifts to find the perfect solution for you. If you need a little more information about stairlifts, take a look through both our FAQs and our advice guides.

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