If you are looking to support your independence as you get older, you may wish to consider a wheelchair. Independent Living Help can advise you on why this equipment is a must-buy for anyone looking to retain their independence.

If walking is a struggle, a wheelchair could be a great solution for you. With so many buildings now being wheelchair accessible, you can continue to lead an active lifestyle with the help of a wheelchair!

You can also pick from two different categories of wheelchair, depending on which suits your lifestyle best:

  • Manual wheelchairs - these wheelchairs are propelled by your own strength
  • Powered/electric wheelchairs - if you have difficulty with strength or stamina, these wheelchairs are the option for you

Does a wheelchair sound like the solution for you? If so, check out our recommended wheelchairs to find the perfect solution for you. If you need a little more information about wheelchairs, take a look through both our FAQs and our advice guides.

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