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If you're looking for help and advice about memory aids, Independent Living Help is the place for you. Browse through informative articles below to find out how memory aids can support you and your independence for many years to come. Plus, we have testimonials and reviews from customers who have used memory aids first-hand and have benefitted from the invaluable assistance.

Gretchen Kaufman

Outstanding product, smart design, highly useable and informative, great for managing pill consumption of elderly parents. Incredibly impressed with the performance of the device and ease of use of the application. I love the dashboard reporting that tracks compliance! I highly recommend this product - buy it! It works! Thank you for such a thoughtfully built solution!

Bella Roa

Awesome and so easy to use.

Susan Busch

I finally have no trouble keeping up with my medications and supplements. It’s very user friendly and simple.

Dylan Humphries

I've used a couple of competing products and had difficulty with setup, accuracy of timers, and terrible alarms. PillDrill is by far the best in all these aspects. It is both easy and pleasant to use and provides excellent history and record keeping.


My mother-in-law takes medication 5-6 times a day, with different pill combinations at each dose. We couldn't even find a pill box big enough to fit all 5 doses, but the PillDrill makes it easy to set her up for the week. Additionally, with the scanner and app, her care team knows when she has taken or missed a dose and can call with reminders as needed.

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