Medical Alarms
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Independent Living Help understands that there's no replacement for experience! Check out the medical alarms reviews and testimonials below and find out how so many people have enjoyed using their new equipment. Want to bring a medical alarm into your life? Read all about the medical alarm recommended by us to get started.


Being at the age of 101 years old, I am thankful to have Life Alert. Life Alert gives me the choice to still have my independence. Even at 101 years of age, Life Alert gives me the ability to live at home and stay away from the Nursing Home. I can always get the help that I need with just a touch of a button and that gives me the feeling that I am being watched by a guardian angel. I thank god for letting me live on this planet for 101 years and I am grateful to Life Alert for protecting me and giving me peace of mind.


Over the years I've had Life Alert it has saved my life many times. Life Alert calls my family. I have had people say they are glad to see I have Life Alert - that they have lost family members because they refused to wear one.


I lost my balance and fell backward falling and hitting the back of my head on the pedestal leg of my table. I was always alert but a big knot rose on the base of the back of my head. Pressed my Life Alert button and you came on and stayed with me until EMT's arrived. It is comforting to hear and know you, Life Alert, are there for me. I was and am ok.


My mom fell on the floor while getting off the bed. She couldn't get up without help. I was at work at that time, she was alone in the house. Life Alert did help a lot. They called me and by the time I got home everything was taken care of.


I fell and could not get up and was wearing my Life Alert. I was able to reach the button and call for help through Life Alert. They responded immediately and got help for me. I had a broken shoulder. They also called later to make sure I received help.

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