Hearing Aids

Here, you'll find the answer to the most common questions surrounding hearing aids with the assistance of Independent Living Help. With this, you can clarify exactly how to choose the hearing aid for you.

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Take your hearing aid out and cup it in your hand. If a whistling sound can be heard, then this indicates that the device is working. Therefore, check that it's clean of debris, wax and visible moisture. If you still experience problems, either check that a battery is inserted correctly and use a fresh battery. Still no luck? The next step will be to seek out a hearing healthcare professional for their assistance.

Make sure your hearing aid is clean of debris or wax. If the irritating noises are still occurring, the next move will be to either examine that a hearing aid's battery is properly inserted or replacing the battery entirely with a fresh one. If you are still suffering from the noise, get in touch with a hearing healthcare professional for their support.

There are a few ways you can keep your hearing aid in top shape. Make sure you protect a hearing aid from dirt by ensuring fingers are clean and dry before touching the equipment. Try to avoid dropping the device on hard surfaces as well, while it should never be exposed to heat either.

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