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Independent Living Help understands that there's no replacement for experience! Check out the adjustable beds and orthopedic mattresses reviews and testimonials below and find out how so many people have enjoyed using their new equipment. Want to bring an adjustable bed and orthopedic mattress into your life? Read all about the adjustable beds and orthopedic mattresses recommended by us to get started.


I had my Craftmatic twin size bed for 20 years and I loved it. I've had the adjustable bed one for less than six months now and I love it better. I enjoy lifting the head and knees up. It helps with my back, knees, and legs when they hurt or swollen. Everybody I talked to at Craftmatic has been so helpful and nice, and I appreciate that.


I liked the warranty on a Craftmatic adjustable bed and the fact that they were new, something that was just coming on the market. I was also having some heart problems, and I decided to try it. I like my bed's adjustable part and the fact that I can have a hard side or a soft side. My experience with the Craftmatic sales rep was fantastic. He was a wonderful guy. The Craftmatic is well worth having.


Our Craftmatic adjustable bed raises up the head of the bed and has the massage feature on it. I work a lot taking care of my husband, lifting things and lifting him. It also helps that he can raise his feet up to reduce the swelling in his feet, so there's a lot of medical reasons why I love the bed. It helps me as well by raising it up. The rep was very pleasant and very professional, and he took care of a certain problem I've had when the bed was pulled apart. He told me how to get the strap to fix that up, so I was very satisfied with the salesman.


We enjoy the adjustable parts of our Craftmatic, and we also had a good experience with their sales reps. I'd recommend them!


We've had our previous bed for 15 years when we purchased a Craftmatic adjustable bed. It's adjustable and very comfortable. Also, the sales representative was very good and helpful. Then they followed through in everything they promised and I had very good experience. I'm enjoying the Craftmatic bed.

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