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Independent Living Help understands that there's no replacement for experience! Check out the bath aids reviews and testimonials below and find out how so many people have enjoyed using their new equipment. Want to bring a bath aid into your life? Read all about the bath aids recommended by us to get started.


Bought this a few months ago as we have an old claw foot cast iron tub that is difficult for me to get in and out of. I have some balance issues and needed something to help steady myself and be able to have some weight put on it if I start to lose my balance. So far it has done exactly what I bought it for. It's very sturdy, super simple to put on and take off when cleaning the tub. The steel construction gives me peace of mind that it is not going to break or bend if I need to grab it suddenly. Have only had to re-tighten it a couple of times due to me not setting it flush with the top of the tub when removed for cleaning. It's been a great aid for me and will be using it for quite some time to come.


Where have you been all my life? I can't afford a complete re-do of my bathroom to build in rails, and those stick-on things are worthless. This grips the bathtub perfectly and very very firmly. I weigh--more than I should--and it's firm and solid every time I use it (which is every time I get in and out of the tub). If you have any instability at all, a must-have.


This product gets 5 stars because it is very well built and it fit the wider than normal tub perfectly. I bought this tub handle for my mother in-law. She is a lot more confident now as she gets into the tub. I also like it because it is made in the U.S.A. which you can tell from the heavy metal construction and the strong hold-down knob. The adjustable height is also a good feature and is easy to change. I would recommend this product to anyone that is not as agile as they used to be. I can not think of anything I do not like about this handle.


Perfect asset for a bathroom with the toilet next to the tub. The tub is fiberglass and I took care to tighten it sufficiently for stability without damaging the tub's side. Height adjustability is ideal as I use it as a grabber on one side and it allows me to be fully standing without being hunched over.


This has been such a blessing to me! It is very good quality, very sturdy. It also adjusted for my reach and height which is awesome as other brands don't adjust. This also has non slip rubber grips. So happy with the quality!

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