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Ray Norton

It's great. It allows me to access our cellar which is finished. We have an office, schwinn bicycle, treadmill, TV, pool table, Universal exercise set up, washer/dryer layout table and a large workshop. So you can see how valuable this charilift is for us.

Thomas Albert

From the beginning on the phone to the sales rep & installer, all were courteous, professional, friendly & empathetic to needs of client, especially elderly

Jeane Knapp

I absolutely love it. Last year I was probably in my basement a total of 5 times. The first day of the Acorn I used it more than that. I use it an average of 5-10 times a day now. When we moved into the house in 2013 it was our intent for me to have a sewing room in the basement - it didn't happen because of the stairs. I now have a sewing room in the basement in a 15 x 15 area. Our basement is not finished, but it has areas we have set up and it is almost like having another house. Thanks Acorn for calling us back - it was the perfect time for us to get it.

Jennifer Jones

Acorn had best presentation and best design idea for our curved staircase. 2 other companies we got bids were using unfamiliar subcontractors. A local Med equipment company discouraged us from even thinking about it because stairlifts were unreliable and they had quit installing them. The primary reason we went with Acorn was dealing directly with the Mfg and Acorn Employees. No Subcontractors. So far, the thing is working well!

Rueben Carothers

Acorn had best presentation and best design idea for our curved staircase. 2 other companies we got bids were using unfamiliar subcontractors. A local Med equipment company discouraged us from even thinking about it because stairlifts were unreliable and they had quit installing them. The primary reason we went with Acorn was dealing directly with the Mfg and Acorn Employees. No Subcontractors. So far, the thing is working well!

Bernie Eng

Very good experience. Would recommend Acorn to anyone who needed a Stairlift. Acorn personnel very professional. Sales consultant - thorough and informed. Scheduler - helpful and accommodating. Installer - efficient & knowledgeable.


The sound quality of the Lyric is very natural. For years, I never realized just what my voice sounded like. I was very monotone. When I got the Lyric, I was able to address that as well as hear sounds and music in the house...it's great!


The Lyric device is off the charts...I feel almost reborn. My whole world is happier because I don't have to stress when I am trying to hear someone or am trying to have a conversation.


It truly is as close to my own hearing as I ever thought I'd be able to experience.


I was able to hear sounds I hadn't heard in years. I heard my kids speaking... Before I had problems hearing and understanding what my family said to me...It was just like turning on a switch. It was amazing.


The single best thing about Lyrics is that you are independent. You don't have to worry where you're going to have a conversation. You're not restricted in terms of your activities.


Being at the age of 101 years old, I am thankful to have Life Alert. Life Alert gives me the choice to still have my independence. Even at 101 years of age, Life Alert gives me the ability to live at home and stay away from the Nursing Home. I can always get the help that I need with just a touch of a button and that gives me the feeling that I am being watched by a guardian angel. I thank god for letting me live on this planet for 101 years and I am grateful to Life Alert for protecting me and giving me peace of mind.


Over the years I've had Life Alert it has saved my life many times. Life Alert calls my family. I have had people say they are glad to see I have Life Alert - that they have lost family members because they refused to wear one.


I lost my balance and fell backward falling and hitting the back of my head on the pedestal leg of my table. I was always alert but a big knot rose on the base of the back of my head. Pressed my Life Alert button and you came on and stayed with me until EMT's arrived. It is comforting to hear and know you, Life Alert, are there for me. I was and am ok.


My mom fell on the floor while getting off the bed. She couldn't get up without help. I was at work at that time, she was alone in the house. Life Alert did help a lot. They called me and by the time I got home everything was taken care of.


I fell and could not get up and was wearing my Life Alert. I was able to reach the button and call for help through Life Alert. They responded immediately and got help for me. I had a broken shoulder. They also called later to make sure I received help.


Bought this a few months ago as we have an old claw foot cast iron tub that is difficult for me to get in and out of. I have some balance issues and needed something to help steady myself and be able to have some weight put on it if I start to lose my balance. So far it has done exactly what I bought it for. It's very sturdy, super simple to put on and take off when cleaning the tub. The steel construction gives me peace of mind that it is not going to break or bend if I need to grab it suddenly. Have only had to re-tighten it a couple of times due to me not setting it flush with the top of the tub when removed for cleaning. It's been a great aid for me and will be using it for quite some time to come.


Where have you been all my life? I can't afford a complete re-do of my bathroom to build in rails, and those stick-on things are worthless. This grips the bathtub perfectly and very very firmly. I weigh--more than I should--and it's firm and solid every time I use it (which is every time I get in and out of the tub). If you have any instability at all, a must-have.


This product gets 5 stars because it is very well built and it fit the wider than normal tub perfectly. I bought this tub handle for my mother in-law. She is a lot more confident now as she gets into the tub. I also like it because it is made in the U.S.A. which you can tell from the heavy metal construction and the strong hold-down knob. The adjustable height is also a good feature and is easy to change. I would recommend this product to anyone that is not as agile as they used to be. I can not think of anything I do not like about this handle.


Perfect asset for a bathroom with the toilet next to the tub. The tub is fiberglass and I took care to tighten it sufficiently for stability without damaging the tub's side. Height adjustability is ideal as I use it as a grabber on one side and it allows me to be fully standing without being hunched over.


This has been such a blessing to me! It is very good quality, very sturdy. It also adjusted for my reach and height which is awesome as other brands don't adjust. This also has non slip rubber grips. So happy with the quality!


I had my Craftmatic twin size bed for 20 years and I loved it. I've had the adjustable bed one for less than six months now and I love it better. I enjoy lifting the head and knees up. It helps with my back, knees, and legs when they hurt or swollen. Everybody I talked to at Craftmatic has been so helpful and nice, and I appreciate that.


I liked the warranty on a Craftmatic adjustable bed and the fact that they were new, something that was just coming on the market. I was also having some heart problems, and I decided to try it. I like my bed's adjustable part and the fact that I can have a hard side or a soft side. My experience with the Craftmatic sales rep was fantastic. He was a wonderful guy. The Craftmatic is well worth having.


Our Craftmatic adjustable bed raises up the head of the bed and has the massage feature on it. I work a lot taking care of my husband, lifting things and lifting him. It also helps that he can raise his feet up to reduce the swelling in his feet, so there's a lot of medical reasons why I love the bed. It helps me as well by raising it up. The rep was very pleasant and very professional, and he took care of a certain problem I've had when the bed was pulled apart. He told me how to get the strap to fix that up, so I was very satisfied with the salesman.


We enjoy the adjustable parts of our Craftmatic, and we also had a good experience with their sales reps. I'd recommend them!


We've had our previous bed for 15 years when we purchased a Craftmatic adjustable bed. It's adjustable and very comfortable. Also, the sales representative was very good and helpful. Then they followed through in everything they promised and I had very good experience. I'm enjoying the Craftmatic bed.


My whole mental out -look has improved being out and feeling really great about what I've accomplished. So not only has my NOVA improved my health, it has improved my mental out-look. Thank you for making this awesome product, and I hold my head a little higher with this beautiful Pink Cadillac!


I purchased the GetGO Rolling Walker for my son... it's fantastic... will grow with him and is stylish for a walker...we purchased the blue color and I am ordering the red one today for him to use when we are out and about. I chose the red color for visibility. This is absolutely best walker we have ever seen.


I ordered a GetGO Petite for my mother, who is a small woman, 5'2. We ordered the petite size for her. She has another walker that is just too large for her and it is difficult to fold and load into a vehicle. This one adjusts well to her height and is much less cumbersome for her to maneuver. With the smaller wheels and the Lock N Load feature, it is much easier to fold and put in my trunk or behind one of the front seats in my small car. She is very happy with it. The old saying, 'when momma's happy, everyone is happy', is very true!


WOW! I am not easy to please, but I must say that this NOVA Walker is very well thought out and quality produced. I will be giving this to my mother and I have full confidence that it will serve her well.


I LOVE this NOVA walker. I had no idea just how helpful it would be in my life. I can walk some but not very stable on my own. I got this walker and it made an immediate and welcome change in my life. It was so easy for hubby to assemble and we were impressed with the quality. Nothing flimsy here! It took me one trip to the kitchen to figure out how to work it. The wheels glide so smoothly and turn on a dime! Nothing to it. I will never be without this one, it is everything it says it is and more!

Mrs Hyman

This wheelchair was bought for my mother who still has some mobility. Excellent purchase for general use. Easy to load into car and comfortable to use and push. Lightweight frame but very strong. Would recommend.


Excellent service and very good product indeed, folds easily including the back going forward to make it fit into the boot.

Mrs Susan J Down

I ordered this item for my mother who is 91 and unable to walk far without a rest. She is over the moon with it. She says it is easier to push than her rollator, easy to fold and unfold, and very comfortable when she needs to sit in it. She would recommend it to anyone who needs a light folding wheelchair,


The wheelchair is brilliant easy to steer the attendant brakes are a fantastic feature and makes going down slopes feel a lot safer. I really suffer from any bumps etc and find them very painful but this wheelchair is the best yet. I needed to add cushions for bottom and back to alleviate some of my pains but the wheelchair is really great. Strong sturdy frame padded seats and the arm rests are padded comfortable and at the perfect height. Overall I cannot recommend more.

Gloria Woodard

My Pursuit scooter gives me freedom. Sometimes, I just ride around and enjoy the beauty of the sky and earth.

Doug Jones

With my Maxima scooter, I can go to a store like Lowe's and spend an hour looking at everything. Trips to the grocery store became fun again.

Claire Szabo-Cassella

I still get outdoors for long periods of time, feeling secure in my independence on my Pursuit scooter.

Eugene Gustinucci

I really like my scooter. It handles well, the turning radius is great, and it makes it easy for me to get around. My vehicle lift also works beautifully. It's so much easier for me to load my scooter into my truck and I can do it by myself. Both products give me a lot more mobility.

Stephanie W.

I am so thankful to have my scooter because I'm sure I would have missed those fun times trick-or-treating.

Gretchen Kaufman

Outstanding product, smart design, highly useable and informative, great for managing pill consumption of elderly parents. Incredibly impressed with the performance of the device and ease of use of the application. I love the dashboard reporting that tracks compliance! I highly recommend this product - buy it! It works! Thank you for such a thoughtfully built solution!

Bella Roa

Awesome and so easy to use.

Susan Busch

I finally have no trouble keeping up with my medications and supplements. It’s very user friendly and simple.

Dylan Humphries

I've used a couple of competing products and had difficulty with setup, accuracy of timers, and terrible alarms. PillDrill is by far the best in all these aspects. It is both easy and pleasant to use and provides excellent history and record keeping.


My mother-in-law takes medication 5-6 times a day, with different pill combinations at each dose. We couldn't even find a pill box big enough to fit all 5 doses, but the PillDrill makes it easy to set her up for the week. Additionally, with the scanner and app, her care team knows when she has taken or missed a dose and can call with reminders as needed.

Eray Ozugur

I had an absolutely great experience with them, from the moment I made the call, through the ceremony and all the paper work in between, especially when I didn't know what to do at that time. They were very professional and caring and the price was very reasonable.


We used FuneralCaring USA for my brother-in-law's service. He wanted a simple no frills burial as a last request. These folks were great in explaining everything and their service was super.

Dennis Garza

My family had my Grandfather's services there Nov 21,22, 2016 and the Services were great, from staff to facilities. Highly recommend for loved ones

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